Light Translation Technology

Every NXT® lens is powered by Light Translation Technology—an amazing combination of revolutionary material and light -control techniques that allow for ultimate satisfaction of your customers’ needs without compromising the unrivalled ability of NXT® lenses to enhance clarity, improve detail and protect vision in all light conditions.

NXT® technology


At the core of every NXT® lens is Trivex® material, a next-generation polymer derived from chemistry originally developed for the US military. Amazingly lightweight Trivex material is the perfect balance of visual and physical performance, delivering incredible durability and protection along with amazing optical clarity. There is simply no better foundation for performance sunwear.

How does NXT® technology work?


You see a color, we see a curve.

Every NXT® lens is engineered to produce a specific spectral curve that optimizes transmittance across the entire light spectrum.

Far more than a cosmetic characteristic, the color of an NXT® lens is a critical component that filters light at different wavelengths to enhance the visual experience of the wearer by controlling contrast, color and definition.




Blinding glare is created when light is reflected off smooth, shiny surfaces such as roadways, water and snow.

NXT® polarized lenses enhance the visual experience by controlling glare and allowing the wearer to cut through the visual noise and hear what light is truly saying.

The legacy of innovation of NXT® lenses is further enhanced by the development of revolutionary polarization techniques that control glare with precision and accuracy.



Light is constantly speaking.

And it’s hard to achieve maximum performance if you’re not adjusting to what light is saying. NXT Varia™ photochromic lenses respond to changing light conditions by adjusting the level of tint from lighter to darker. Instead of a static sun lens that’s either too dark or too light, NXT Varia photochromic lenses enhance the visual experience by dynamically controlling transmittance, allowing them to translate light in any condition for maximum comfort and performance.