Essilor® Sun Solution™ stands for
no ordinary sunwear
that reinvents the magic of sunglasses every day.

Sport & performance

Take your passion all the way: the Essilor® Sun Solution™ sun lenses are pushing the limits of vision. Mountains, sailing, urban driving: our technologies are designed to meet the specifics of your athletic activity. Much more than sun lenses: get yourself some technical equipment capable of boosting your performance. 


Admire the work of sunbeams, and transform them into a variety of forms, at the whim of seasonal trends. With Essilor® Sun Solution™ the sun lens becomes a show in itself. Give it a frame and make your creations shine: when fashion and technical skill come together, for a harmonious, stylish result.

Sunny Lifestyle

Set off to conquer landscapes flooded with light... Essilor® Sun Solution™ lenses totally protect your eyes under the most intense sunlight conditions. They are an essential accessory for combining optimal protection and unparalleled vision quality. Push the limits of optical experience and take full advantage of your getaways!

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