5 reasons to go for POLARIZED sun lenses

glare, water, snow, driving

We could explain how polarizing light behaves, referring to your physics sciences background...but this is not how we want to address this article. 
Let's focus on what matters: the benefits you can get from our E-SUN™ POLARFUN™ technology. We have found 5 of them trying to be as easy to understand as possible.
Have a look:

1) To fight direct glare

caused by sunlight in the center of the field of vision.

2) To tackle indirect glare

caused by sunlight reflecting on flat surfaces such as sand, grass, light-pavement, water, snow, etc.

To note: the glare is a natural a common phenomenon due to bright light.

3) To get color back

Glare distorts the true color of objects and make them harder to distinguish.

4) To forget eye-strain

Glare is the worst driving comfort enemy as it causes driver fatigue, headache, tension around the eyes and eye strain. 

To be highlighted: the meaning of glare changes from one person to another one and it also changes over time. Indeed, the eyes'light tolerance tends to decrease with the age. Highly recommended for light sensitive persons or persons with photophobia. 

Eye strain and discomfort in bright sunlight disappear with their source, ie the glare. 

5) To be protected

from direct and reflected UV rays but also from blue light. Better vision also means increased reactivity and safety. Indeed, when exposed to glare, the eye will fold, the temptation to shield the eyes or to turn another direction can be high. 



Additional smart consideration to support POLARIZED technology is for anglers or boaters: polarized sunglasses improve ability to see below the surface of a lake, stream or the ocean.

This technology is available on all our materials: NXT®, Polycarbonate, APX™ nylon and CR39 and it is compatible with photochromic E-SUN VARIA™ technologycontrasted vision E-SUN KOLOR UP™ range and can be customized with all our E-SUN MAGICOAT™ color coatings range.


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