Aquitain Challenge: The Expert’s view

Last August, Aurélien and Edgar accepted a challenge: to walk 260 km on sand to pick up litter from the beaches along the Aquitaine coast. In fact, they spent a month pulling, under their own force, specially crafted and eco-designed trolleys. They were compartmentalized and contained food, clothing, large bags of waste, their photographic equipment, etc. They collected more than 260 kg of waste. Their goal was to fight against harm to the environment while raising awareness among the population about this phenomenon.

Find out more about their No Ordinary story.

To stay on the beach all day, our two protagonists needed to protect their eyes. In partnership with w.r.yuma, we provided them with a suitable pair of sunglasses. In fact, these sunglasses were equipped with polarizing E-SUN™ POLARFUN™ lenses. Hereafter, our Essilor® Sun Solution™ experts discuss the challenges regarding protection.

The opinion of the challengers

The opinion of the technical expert

Although most people are aware of the importance of putting sunscreen on their skin when exposed to the sun, especially on the beach, the need for UV eye protection is often overlooked.  UV rays can contribute to premature signs of aging, skin cancer, eye disease, wrinkles, dark circles and more. This is the reason that we provided Aurélien and Edgar with sunglasses that eliminated 100% of UV rays.

Moreover, it’s important to remember that UV light comes from all directions and reflects off surrounding surfaces. This last phenomenon causes glare. There are 2 types of outdoor glare:

  • Direct glare: caused by sunlight in the center of the field of vision,
  • Indirect glare: caused by sunlight reflecting off a surface.

And the consequence of both of them is visual discomfort.

Some surfaces increase the reflection of UV rays. For instance, sand increases UV rays up to 15% and water up to 25%, meaning that a full day spent on the beach is sure to maximize exposure to UV rays.

Our polarized E-SUN™ POLARFUN™ sun lenses, working like a venetian blind, offer an outdoor solution that helps to eliminate glare, both direct and indirect, while providing maximum UV protection.

Without question, the key partner in support for this challenge was w.r.yuma. This brand combines next-generation technology with old fashioned, hands-on craftsmanship. They are the first in the world to use 3-D printing and recycled plastic to make eyewear. All their products are designed and produced in-house and on-demand, keeping near zero stock in their 50 m² micro-factory.

Their philosophy is to make sunglasses from waste and to recycle them again at their end-of-life. Perfect fit to match the values of the project.

A word to sum up this partnership?

We thank Aurélien & Edgar for giving us the opportunity to accompany them in this adventure. Their commitment to the environmental cause is exemplary! Again, bravo for their performance, which was athletic, human and “green”. We wish them success in their future endeavors.


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