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Fulfillment, a holistic approach.

A theme of well-being, Fulfillment is based on the positive effects of nature and their impact on the body. Between chromotherapy and the power of energizing stones, today we are witnessing a holistic quest that brings together regenerating nature and a spiritual approach. Today, this new motto, close to a hippie philosophy, is found infused in lifestyle, beauty and even fashion.

It’s the exhibition and pop-up store at Le Bon Marché (in Paris) “Los Angeles Rive Gauche”, which crystallizes this approach in France. In fact, the exhibition devoted to California and its multiple lifestyles, gave prominence to a corner devoted to wellness: food, cosmetics, books… a large choice dedicated to this holistic view of daily life was offered to visitors.

Californians make it a point of honor to take care of themselves and others, especially through positive and authentic consumption. A way of life explained in Laure Gontier's book “Good Vibrations”, which exposes what makes Los Angeles a city deeply rooted in daily happiness. In their quest for well-being, the increasingly important exploration of this spiritual dimension initiated by the hippie communities: meditation, Kundalini yoga, gong bath and energy stones found in shops and open-spaces.

A new way of life that resonates today in all communities and modes of consumption.

Naturally, it’s in beauty that we find the key principles of this trend. In the book “The Inner Beauty Bible” by Laurey Simmons, the author explains how to integrate new rituals into her daily life that will allow her to reconnect with her inner beauty. The crystals are the major element of these rituals: each one having, thanks to its color, form and composition, virtues making it possible to energize, release, calm or pacify the spirit.

Lithotherapy is based on this connection between mental and emotional energy, and the magnetism of stones. Similarly, chromotherapy, closely related to these practices, proves that the frequencies of vibration of the colors emitted by the stones can have different effects on the body: the human, depending on his pathologies, will absorb the frequencies emitted by colors in a different way.

This is what Miranda Kerr understood and integrated into her cosmetic brand “Kora Organics”. Using the virtues of each of the stones, she infuses her illuminating creams with amethyst and quartz powders, bringing a spiritual dimension to the product that goes beyond the treatment, thus evoking connotations of positive vibrations.

This holistic concept is even pushed to the rank of beauty lifestyle. Defining itself as a beauty/new-age box, MoonBox is positioned 100% in the spiritual niche or almost esoteric. Developed with each new full moon cycle, the boxes are composed of organic and vegan beauty products, as well as beneficial stones that diffuse their energy. Each month, the box focuses on a specific energy, related to the current astral sign.

A more complete view of beauty, less laboratory-based, which is not intended to encourage one to use make-up, but rather, to first decorate the body from the inside.

It is ultimately in fashion that we find the subtle use of energy stones.

In the Spring-Summer 2019 fashion shows, they were subtly used in a shamanic spirit, as in Chloé or Altuzarra.

The use of these stones is mainly expressed in jewelry, which has appropriated this trend while keeping all the authenticity of the product.

Initially reserved for craft designers present in marketplaces like Etsy, it’s now the high-end jewelry that breathes a dose of the spiritual into its collections. It was first Goossens, the preferred jeweler of Chanel, who proposed, in the tradition of his collections adorned with semi-precious stones, a “ring bar” which required choosing the beneficial stone corresponding to one’s personal energy. Mounted and engraved live, it reflects the personality of the wearer.

After discovering yoga in California, designer Kari Gueham returned to France with the desire to reconcile jewelry and energizing stones. She created her Mineralsophie brand in which she mounts the stones by piercing them finely and associating them subtly as her grandmother did before to cure various ills.

As for Celine Daoust, she’s fascinated by the symbolic value of stones, and so working on jewelry seemed obvious to her. The designer pays particular attention to the eternal appearance of the stones and their wide range of colors. She chooses them carefully in India, looking for specimens that are both rough and delicate, so as not to distort them.

American Pamela Love has managed to reconcile subtle design and deeply spiritual use of stones with the high-end brand that she has given her name. Often confined to the bohemian style, today, her creations take a resolutely modern turn: an alliance between California (where she lives) and New York (where she grew up).

This trend is expected to grow in importance as consumers become more interested in ethical and meaningful products.

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