The Maison et Objet trade show

The Maison et Objet trade show

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Under the impetus of its seasonal theme: “work”, driven by digitization, nomadic lifestyles, the liberation of working environments, more than ever, the question of living space becomes essential. The idea of making one's place of life and work a refuge, both protective and welcoming, echoes the desire to return to certain values, reassuring decoration, to go against the current of fast-consumption and reinvent a new timeless design. Focus on three key trends that will punctuate next season.


Voluptuous curves inspire new feminine codes with contemporary design. Curvaceous forms are no longer smooth but design objects that establish a hedonistic link between material and sensory appeal. Whether you are working with innovative materials or know-how inherited from Art Deco, the angles of furniture and accessories are rounded and inject a precious and sophisticated atmosphere into décor. The assertive curves of sofas, coffee tables, vases or lighting, invite the return of less standardized design that contributes a wave of well-being and sensuality ....

Perfect example, the chic and sensual furniture of Eno Studio,all rounded and inviting a gentle nonchalance. 


Next season, warm functionalism in a neo-shaker spirit pays homage to the beauty of use. Everything made must have meaning, a function, not falling into the trap of decoration, or false poetry ... Privileging eco-design, craftsmanship and industrial know-how are part of the movement of Slow Design in the service of a community lifestyle, aesthetics purified but relieved of its monastic roughness. 

True tribute to painstaking woodwork by hand, the furniture and objects are of reasonable proportions and have lighter, more rounded structures. The softness of corduroys, textured, in warm, comforting, authentic tones. 

To illustrate this trend, themat enameled stoneware collection, with generous shapes that are easy to associate without hierarchy of ASA Selection 


In the quest for timeless aesthetic precision, all domains of contemporary creation have allowed themselves to be won over by the style codes of antiquity. Geometric furniture, accessories, re-editions of creations, retrace the link between forms, materials and the power of myths. Cups and chalices, thrones, columns, bending, carved stones, dramatize the everyday and are being elevated to the level of true design pieces. By gambling on a controlled combination of textures, volumes, neutral, mineral and earth tones, these new ultra-sculptural objects bear the mark of techniques that revive their ancient origins without any attachment to the past, and resonate withsuccessful hybridization between neo-antique and modernity.  Perfect illustration, the desk-console with pedestal columns,vases and objects in the neo-Greek allure of HK Living.

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