Beaver Trap Trail Classic: The Expert's View

In March 2018, Marie & Régis Bernigaud moved to Sweden and participated in a famous dog sled race for the first time: Beaver Trap Trail Classic. This event takes place in Swedish Lapland, 11 kilometers away from the Arctic circle. The duo was excited to take up this incredible challenge, which included 130 kilometers of race, 3 stages and 2 nights in the tent.

Discover their story here.

Such a unique performance required specific equipment: here are some technical details from our experts.

Why has Essilor Sun Solution embarked upon the adventure of the Beaver Trap Trail Classic (1) with Marie and Régis Bernigaud? 

Essilor Sun Solution: The motto of Essilor Sun Solution is “no ordinary sunwear for no ordinary people”. This means that our involvement in this type of adventure comes naturally. People are passionate. At Essilor Sun Solution, we help them experience their passion at a deeper level by offering them no ordinary sunwear. Our main goal is to improve lives by improving sight and by continuously reinventing the magic of sun lenses.


How do Essilor Sun Solution lenses improve the conditions of driving a team of dogs? 

The lenses worn by Marie and Régis are E-SUN VARIA™ photochromic lenses: they lighten or darken depending on light intensity. During a dog sled race, climatic conditions change fast: the equipment must adapt consequently.

These lenses are also equipped with an anti-fog treatment to prevent condensation and guarantee optimal longevity. The external oleophobic treatment prevents stains and improves water runoff. All these technical elements serve to enhance performance.


What are the specificities of the selected frames?
For an extreme environment, Julbo, our partner in this first “no ordinary story”, has recommended the most enveloping frame possible, so as to block the lateral rays of the sun, wind, cold and snow...


What are the dangers for eyes in case of exposure to the sun in a polar environment?
The snow reflects 85 to 90% of the UV rays emitted by the sun. 
In extremely cold environments, UV rays do not create the sensation of heat. As such, it’s possible to get a sunburn even when the temperature is - 15°C, and the eyes are not spared.
The cold can cause “frostbite” which particularly affects the eyes, and can lead to a decrease in visual acuity (blurry vision), watery eyes and sensitivity to light.
Even when it’s cloudy, sunglasses are indispensable because clouds do not filter UV rays.


What type of lenses should one choose to be perfectly protected under these conditions? 
It’s necessary to choose lenses of category 3, or even 4. This last category is reserved for extreme conditions like those at high altitudes but must not be used for driving. These lenses increase safety in the presence of ultraviolet rays, making it possible to better appreciate the spectacular beauty of mountain landscapes and offering protection during inclement weather, wind or cold; they also prevent particles from getting into the eyes.

(1) The Beaver Trap Trail is a dog sled race that takes place in Swedish Lapland.


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