Burnt, an Haute Couture design by Essilor® Sun Solution™

Burnt effect is a unique SS20 trend inspired by the signs of the passage of time, softened materials and faded colors. Designed by a skilled team of craftsmen dedicated to the development of tailor-made pieces, this Burnt creation reflects the effects of light and weather on matter over time: sanded, burnt, bleached by the sun. Irregular lines, highlighted by subtle shades, symbolize the effects of external elements on the aging of matter.

Not only a design, also a trend

Our designers, with the support of PECLERS, an agency that follows trends, has developed a HAUTE COUTURE design that fits in perfectly with the SS20 trend, Fulfillment “less is more”. This search for moderation is now considered liberating rather than austere.

A pure design and colors resulting from a different approach emphasize the rough simplicity of this collection. Our experience and know-how in terms of associating colors, developed over the years, is expressed in this unique and elegant collection.
Mineral tones, called GILT or SHELL, mixed with 3 intense reflective color coatings: gold, pearly and rose, create a unique style, while remaining in line with the SS20 trend.



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