Climate Force: The Expert’s view

Boglarka has always been committed to environmental protection. In June 2019, she went on an assignment in the Arctic to study its ecosystem and to raise awareness about climate change. She was accepted as a member of the last “2041 ClimateForce Arctic expedition”. The purpose of this expedition was to issue a warning and inform people about the impacts of climate change in the Arctic regions. She wants to encourage people to open their eyes and see the results of what human action causes on a daily basis. 

Through participating in this challenge, Boglarka also wants to inspire young people to believe in themselves. She wants to stir the desire in everyone to start showing concern for the environment, to learn about it, to make a daily commitment to protect it and to make us understand that our actions, even the smallest ones, contribute to the environmental cause. 

A true No Ordinary Story about commitment to the environment, charged with emotion. 

Learn more about the challenge that Boglarka accepted.

To face this challenge, appropriate technical equipment was required. To allow Boglarka to enjoy the bright, snow-covered Arctic landscapes while also being protected, we provided her with a pair of NATIVE sunglasses with sun lenses equipped with E-Sun™ Polarfun™ technology.

The Experts of Essilor Sun Solution explain the technical challenge confronted during this adventure, to which the lenses responded perfectly. Learn more about the technical aspects and utility of these glasses for this type of challenge.

Boglarka’s opinion

Before her departure, Boglarka told us that her eyes were very sensitive. During her journey in extreme conditions, she kept her sunglasses with her at all times; while working outdoors all day or while hiking, boating or kayaking. Moreover, she only slept an average of 2 hours a night as the sun never sets in the polar summer months. It meant that she wore sunglasses during longer daylight hours than usual and that she experienced intense fatigue.

Boglarka said that wearing sunglasses helped her to benefit from all the outdoor activities. 

Opinion of the technical expert

In extreme light conditions, you need to be protected from UV rays due to longer UV exposure (days are longer at the poles in the summer, nights lasting only 2 hours!). 

Another aspect: protect yourself from visual fatigue. As there is a high amount of sunlight being reflected off water, snow and ice, you get exhausted rapidly by looking at the surrounding environment. 

These are the reasons that we provided Boglarka sunglasses equipped with UV cut polarized sun lenses. In fact, this E-Sun™ Polarfun™ technology, on top of providing UV protection, reduces the sun’s rays reflected off surfaces, including water, ice and snow. 

Other important points: the durability and weight of the sun lenses. We selected impact-resistant and lightweight materials, such as plastic, so that she could proceed with her daily outdoor activities.

A word to conclude this partnership?

We were motivated by Boglarka’s challenge in addressing our major considerations about the environment. This is why we decided to support her in raising awareness about the reality of Arctic climate conditions. Boglarka has a touching personality and we are proud of having participated in her adventure. We wish her the best in her future endeavors!


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