Discover our authentic sun technologies in Rx-able version

Why choose prescription sunglasses rather than contact lenses? Essilor Sun Solution provides answers to glasses wearers and presents all the advantages of wearing prescription sunglasses. Visual acuity, UV protection, light intensity protection, comfort and style, these are the 5 main requirements of people with visual correction who enjoy the outdoors. From winter to summer, from sunrise to sunset, sun eyeglasses will let you forget and fully enjoy your outdoor activity!

Why choose prescription Rx sunglasses for all your activities? 

Contact lens solutions may not be suitable for everybody and every situation. What with the allergy season, dry eyes and lack of sleep, your eyes will need a break. The Rx-able solution is here to meet all your requirements in terms of visual correction. It provides the wearer with UV and light protection, choice of frames and style!

Myopic, astigmatic, hyperopic or presbyopic, most visual corrections are available in sun prescription eyewear. Sport enthusiasts or lifestyle lovers, find all sun technologies available in standard sun lenses in prescription: photochromic, polarized, color and contrast enhanced or wrapped sun lenses, all versions are possible.

For those who still hesitate and wonder:

Are prescription sunglasses polarized? Are prescription sunglasses mirrored? Can prescription sunglasses be curved?

EssilorTM Sun SolutionTM says "YES" and presents Rx-able sun solutions.

UV protection, comfort, and style. With sun prescription eyewear, enjoy all outdoor activities.

Let's first take a look at what people expect from prescription sunglasses.

Live freely with total protection: driving, shopping, walking in the countryside, or running the New York City Marathon. In short, dedicate yourself entirely to your activity and forget the sunglasses on your nose! For this, sunglasses must be adapted to your eyesight so that you can clearly see what is important but also protect your eyes. First, from harmful UV light to slow down aging of the eye and skin around the eye. Second, from light intensity to limit the visual fatigue of sensitive eyes. They also have to be stylish and comfortable while suiting your activity.

But, what does prescription sunglasses suited to the activity mean?

Sunglasses wearers differ and their requirements are many.

If you are a taxi driver who spends a long time on the road, we recommend extra-large vision field polarized eyewear. Combined with contrasted vision technology, these best prescription sunglasses block harsh glare while increasing color contrast. Color contrast enhancement concept contributes to improve visual acuity essential on the road. In the partial polarization option, these prescription sun lenses make it easy to read the LCD or GPS displays on the dashboard.

If you are a cyclist, prescription wrapped sunglasses should protect your face and eyes against gravels or insects. They should also provide clear vision whatever the strenght of light. From bright sun to shadow in a tunnel, it is essential to see all details of the road for safe cycling.

And if you are an outdoor worker, protective prescription sun eyewear is crucial for your safety. Both UV protective and high-impact resistant, glasses have also durable and lightweight for your visual comfort.

Good news! Essilor Sun Solution can offer the wearer all the visual correction they need for their activity. Our authentic technologies are available in Rx-able version to answer to all wearer needs.

Sun technologies at the service of prescription sunglasses. Find here, polarized prescription sunlenses, photochromic technology, color boosted and color contrast enhanced sun lenses with mirror coatings as optional for outdoors activities.

  • In total or partial polarization, a polarized prescription sun lens blocks bright sunlight glare and reflections to increase visibility. Total polarization entirely blocks blinding glare while partial polarization at 85% allows LCD displays to be read and keeps clues from the environment to maintain depth of field and better grasp of distances. It contributes to visual comfort, while enhancing color contrast. Highly recommended for road users or water sports, it reduces visual fatigue while driving or fishing.
  •  In photochromic model, non polarized or polarized, this prescription sun lens is the most versatile lens from our range. It adapts to sunlight luminosity and lets you have free hands and clear vision whatever the light strength. It is especially recommended for people with sensitive eyes and athletes in changing light environments.
  • In color boosted and contrast enhanced design, the prescription sun lens increases depth perception, contributes to improved reaction times and color recognition for your safety. All the E-SUNTM KOLOR UPTM range is available in Rx. To find the color that best suits the wearer's needs, simply describe the environment in which they practice their favorite activity and define with them the color contrasts that are important for that activity.
  • With the mirror coated option on the front side, the prescription sun lens reduces glare, increases lens clarity and shows off your personality.

Thanks to a Rx range developed for most ocular prescriptions, EssilorTM Sun SolutionTM offers a sun solution for most corrective wearers. Summer or winter, whether sport enthusiasts or athletes, don't hesitate to take full advantage of the outdoors.

Our Rx range offers all possibilities in terms of prescription glasses for outdoors 

Optimized in term of bases and thickness, our sun Rx range allows spectacles fitters to offer different type of frames: flat, mid-wrapped, full-wrapped to semi-rimless and rimless. This offers creative and efficient prescription sun eyewear to meet wearers’ needs.

Ranging from base 2 to base 8, sun Rx blanks are indeed compatible from flat frames to wrap-around frames. High bases, like 6 base or 8 base, are dedicated to curved frames for stylish and strong sunglasses.

Large diameter sun Rx blanks make it possible to cut deep lenses for presbyopic people who have distance prescription and need to see clearly both near and far. Combined with the 6 or 8 base, the wide diameter also makes it possible to cut off-center prescription sun lenses. Off-centering allows the prescription lens to be tilted to maintain distortion-free vision and fit snugly into wrap-around frames. This off-center cut makes it possible to add prescription sun lenses to the curved glasses used both in sport and the safety market to ensure eye protection. An additional advantage, for sport sun eyeglasses, is the very useful venting cut out on the lenses for fog-free vision. This is also avalable on prescription sun lenses!

Sun prescription lenses possible with different frames shapes for outdoors activities. Wrap-around frames, curved glasses, flat frames, mid-wrapped sunglasses, full-wrapped eyewear o semi-rimless and rimless eyeglasses.

And to answer the question:

Can I have all the technologies even if I have a strong prescription?

EssilorTM Sun SolutionTM answers:

for strong prescription - high minus or plus corrections – frame manufacturers now offer the possibility of adapting full rim optical clips. These clips make it possible to fit strong prescription sun lenses to performance sport sunglasses. They offer style, ensure side protection against light and wind, and allow wearers to benefit from Essilor Sun Solution's sun technologies. An extra advantage, this full rim clip means no longer having to worry about material compatibility between frame and lenses.

Besides, sun Rx premium raw materials offer high-impact resistance, lightweight and clear vision to sun prescription wearers.

  • Polycarbonate, thanks to its refraction index, provides prescription sun lenses that are thinner and more stylish.
  • NXT, our polyurethane-based raw material, has a higher abbe number than polycarbonate and so offers superior optical clarity.

Both, combined with a safety frame, can meet Z87.1 impact resistance standard to best protect the wearer.

Now, you know all about sun Rx-able solutions for all your outdoor activities. So don't hesitate any longer. Contact us by mail:



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