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Enjoy life in full living color

E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ sun lenses enhance the beauty of colors while maintaining a high level of sun protection. Explore a new vision experience with optimal comfort and visual protection. Experience colors like never before

Benefits : 

  • COMFORT in reducing light intensity whithout taking away color
  • EFFICIENCY in improving visual perception 
  • LOOK from E-SUN™ MAGICOAT™mirrors compatible with E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ technology. 
Recommended for
Biking & Running
Water sports
Winter sports
Sunny lifestyle

More precision and boosted performance

Experience colors like never before

With E-SUN™ lenses
With ordinary lenses

More about color contrast

How does it work ?

Sensitivity of the human eye is very high for yellow and green wavelengths, near where the red and green photoreceptors overlap.

By attenuating light in this zone, E-SUN™  KOLOR UP™ sun lenses act like an equalizer to enhance the perception of colors, while reducing overall light to a comfortable level.

A full range

KOLOR UP ™ SPORT & PERFORMANCE lenses are dedicated to create maximum color contrasts and improve depth perception, increase athlete's visual acuity and enhance precision for a maximum of safety.

KOLOR UP ™ SUNNY LIFESTYLE collection is a selection of  "urban colors" designed to both protect wearers from the sunlight and enjoy the beauty of colors in any everyday life experience ! 

Customize your sunglasses lenses

Combine our sun-technologies to suit your every wish and desire.
Simply add the technologies of your choice, for an unlimited viewing experience…

Our lenses have several key features. 
You can discover them all here.

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