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From vision optimization to fashion


Between technical and esthetic, reinvent the magic of sun lenses: fashion your experience according to your needs... and your desires!

  • Vision: see better with technical coatings enhancing vision
    • Anti-reflective
    • Anti-fog
    • Anti-smudge hydrophobic oleophobic
  • Fashion: better look with esthetic coatings that allow pronounced color differentiation and customization of sunglass esthetics
    • Gloss effect
    • Brilliant effect
    • Intense effect
Recommended for
Biking & Running
Water sports
Winter sports
Sunny lifestyle
Glasses coating
With E-SUN™ lenses

Which treatments are possible to add to see better and to have better look?

See better
Eyeglass Lens Coatings

  • Comfort: anti-reflective avoids the glare reflections of sunlight on the back side of the lens. It also increases the wearer’s visual acuity.


  • Resistance: a new generation of oleophobic and anti-smudge coatings harden the lens and improve its intrinsic qualities, without altering its color:
    • a super smooth, resistant and extremely durable coating.
    • put on the front side of the lens, it can be used in addition to the anti-reflective treatment.
    • perfectly suitable for water sports and sports demanding precision.

  • Durability: anti-smudge is a treatment which protects both sides of lenses. It prevents scratches equally on the front and back of the lens. Neither smudges, finger prints, dust nor water adhere to the surface: they simply go away.

  • Prevents condensation: anti-fog is useful when temperature changes, for outdoor activities, for leisure or when practicing a sport such as winter sports, biking, jogging...
    Available in NXT®
Better look
Lens coatings

No ordinary technology, for no ordinary look

  • Color differentiation: The optimal blend of style and performance with a wide range of colors available.
  • Multi-colors increase protection from glare and reduce eye fatigue. Also available in personalised colors: Sky Blue, Champagne, Aqua Marina, Pearly…
  • Beauty enhancer: gloss treatments refine the tone with blue, silver or bronze reflections to create a rich and finished appearance. This coating reveals the true color of the lens and does not hide or darken the basic color. The result? A sheen that puts the finishing touch on the lens similar to the way lip gloss polishes the lips. Our gloss treatments also provide better scratch-resistance than standard flash or mirrors: a more durable surface for longer wear.
  • Mirror effect: applied to the front surface of the lens only, our mirror coating gives the lens a shiny mirror-like appearance. Several colors available: blue, gold, bronze… to personalize your sun lenses.
  • Haute couture design, your signature on the lenses: cutting edge personalization to emphasize your brand’s image and identity. Our creative design technology enables your exclusive personalized design to be printed on the lens. Combining our Italian craftsmanship and our latest coatings, it highlights all types of sunglasses, metal and acetate frames.
Mirror coating

Our creative design technology enables your exclusive personalized design to be “printed” on the lens & to definitely emphasize your brand’s image and identity.

Our Couture design, mirror decoration, is combining our Italian craftsmen know-how with our latest coatings.

Our technology allows us to “print” on the lens all your creative designs. It will highlight all types of sunglasses, metal or acetate frames.
It can be applied on our dedicated materials:

  • NXT®
  • APX®-Nylon

With Couture design, express the patterns and the environment of your brand
with a Made in Italy manufacturing quality.

Customize your sunglasses lenses

Combine our sun-technologies to suit your every wish and desire.
Simply add the technologies of your choice, for an unlimited viewing experience…

Our lenses have several key features. 
You can discover them all here.

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