Prescription lenses


Optimal correction in the sun

Our E-SUN™ RX™ give you the same aesthetic look as your traditional sun lenses, along with correction that is perfectly adapted to your vision! The perfect blend of Essilor's expertise in prescription and sun lenses.

Our E-SUN™ RX™ guarantee you:

  • Transparency
  • Optical clarity
  • A high percentage of light transmission


Recommended for
Biking & Running
Water sports
Winter sports
Sunny lifestyle
Prescription lenses
Prescription lenses
With E-SUN™ lenses
With ordinary lenses

What are prescription sunglasses?

Our E-SUN™ RX™ sun lenses offer optimal correction and protection from the sun:

  • Universal: can handle all prescriptions, even the most complex
  • Optical clarity: the same as a high-quality non-corrective lens
  • Design: available in all dimensions and on all types of frames

Customize your sunglasses lenses

Combine our sun-technologies to suit your every wish and desire.
Simply add the technologies of your choice, for an unlimited viewing experience…

Our lenses have several key features. 
You can discover them all here.

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