Essilor Group, innovation applied to the sun lens

Essilor® Sun Solution™ is an entity of Essilor group, an optics world leader, which has made the sun lens a priority in terms of research and development.

Thus, today, Essilor® Sun Solution™ benefits directly from all the latest advances by Essilor Group in order to improve the protection and quality of sun optics.

Innovation & expertise

The mission of Essilor Group? To "improve lives by improving the sight" of everyone in the world, so they can see well using lenses tailored to their needs. Its value added? Its ability to innovate each day, to offer product ranges at the cutting edge of performance.

Essilor Group at a glance

  • Present in 100 countries
  • 5 research centers, including 3 innovation & technology centers
  • 160 years of existence
  • €150 million/year dedicated to R&D

A technology for every need...

Essilor® Sun Solution™ deploys a range of 5 fundamental technologies in the area of sun lenses. By relying on all the optical expertise of the Essilor Group, Essilor® Sun Solution™ can combine sun protection with a solution tailored to the user's needs.

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