Essilor® Sun Solution™ announces partnership with Istituto Europeo Di Design

A new collaboration between Essilor® Sun Solution™ and IED, a design school in Turin

November 2016 - Essilor® Sun Solution™, the Essilor Group division dedicated to sun plano lenses, has recently started a collaboration with IED – Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin. The objectives of this collaboration are to finance a study on the development by IED students of a concept frame, a communication campaign and marketing tools based on E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™, a brand and technology of sun lenses developed by the Essilor® Sun Solution™ division and which guarantees a refreshing perception of colors and improved vision.

The first phase of the project will involve students in their final year of studies at the Jewelry and Accessories Design BA (which also includes curriculum on eyewear design). During the second phase, the three best concept frames will become the subject of specific projects by BA students in Graphic Design and Advertising Communication.

What is E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ lens technology?

E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ lens technology was developed in cooperation with the Essilor Group R&D teams, applying the principles that have made Essilor successful throughout the last 50 years. Compared to traditional sun lenses which are designed to reduce light intensity and glare and to protect the eyes, E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ lenses selectively modulate the light reaching the retina and the wavelengths of the primary colors received by the photoreceptors in the eyes.

  • The result is more brightness and enhanced definition of colors, in addition to providing protection against the sun.
  • E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ lens technology offers a real visual experience with increased enjoyment and a more colorful vision. Better vision, modern sophisticated colors and treatments combine to offer the complete package for fashion.

Defining the E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ lens communication approach

Based on the experience of better and brighter vision, Essilor® Sun Solution™ has asked the IED students to translate the E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ lens concept into a frame, a communication campaign and POP materials.

No ordinary sunwear reflects the new position of our brand.
With this new collaboration with the IED on E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™, Essilor® Sun Solution™ division wants to explore new possibilities and show how a strong concept on sun lenses can be the source of inspiration for sunglasses

Christophe Mayet, VP Marketing of Essilor® Sun Solution™ Division

The results of the project will be unveiled in September 2017.
Discover more about E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ here:  



Since opening its doors in 1966, the Istituto Europeo di Design has forged its reputation in the fields of education and research in the disciplines of design, fashion, visual communication and management. Today, IED is an international institution which maintains its truly Italian roots. A crossroads for culture and learning, with campuses in Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Florence, Cagliari, Como, Madrid, Barcelona, San Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, IED offers three-year degree and diploma courses, Semester and Academic year courses, Summer and Specialization courses and Master courses. In continuity with the philosophy of the network, IED Torino applies an educational methodology founded on theoretical coursework continuously combined with workshops and hands-on experience. In this way, it ensures an ongoing connection between knowledge and know-how, thereby guaranteeing that a very high percentage of students will find employment after graduation. IED Turin is recognized by some authorities as one of the world’s most important centers for training in transportation design. Aligned with the knowledge and research typical of its context, this campus develops and focuses its design work on concepts of future mobility and the most advanced and innovative manufacturing clusters.


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