Essilor® Sun Solution™ teams up with the FIA

This year, Essilor® Sun Solution™ wanted join forces with the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile to promote the importance of having suitable sun lenses on the road. Whether you're driving, riding a motorcycle, cycling or even walking, Essilor® Sun Solution™ has developed technologies that are each useful on the road.

What is the FIA?

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile was created in 1904 and currently has 245 members that represent 80 million road users in more than 144 countries around the world. The goal of the FIA is to promote safe, sustainable mobility that’s accessible to everyone.

Why partner with the FIA?

Essilor® Sun Solution™ and the FIA have teamed up to support this fight against road accidents. The main objective of this partnership is to ensure safe mobility for all. The main message is to encourage people to have their vision checked regularly. Furthermore, this message must be spread among eye care professionals so that they can pass it on. These remarks should not be limited to motorists but to all road users: whether on foot, motorcycle, bicycle... It’s necessary to have your eyesight checked and to have your lenses adjusted appropriately.

The 12 Golden Rules of the FIA

The FIA has established twelve Golden Rules to make getting around safer. These are simple tips to help road users improve their daily behavior. Among these twelve rules: always put on your seat belt when you get into a vehicle, do not send text messages while driving or walking, do not drink and drive... It was only in 2017 that the rule, “check your vision” was added, thus highlighting the importance of sight and making this step essential when you want to hit the road.

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