Be no ordinary

Go beyond the ordinary: between seasonal trends and timeless style our Essilor® Sun Solution™ sun lenses reinvent the optical experience.

Explore the magic of colors with our Core Collection, and its set of 204 unchanging colors, for creating thousands of harmonies.
Get inspired and stand out, with our Spring/Summer 2021 collection, and its bold effects of shades and materials.




The originality of our vision consists of combining a scientific approach to color and analysis of trends. Our mission is not limited to translating these trends into colors: the ‘high touch’ aspect of Essilor® Sun Solution™ resides in its aim to inspire the trends of tomorrow.

Women's fashion lenses
Women’s Core Collection

Dive into our Women's Core Collection! A range composed of 204 variants of shades and harmonies to give a boost to feminine style.

Men's fashion lenses
Men’s Core Collection

Take a look at our Men's Core Collection! A palette of 204 colors, imagined and designed to embody and reveal your personality.

Our Fashion Sun-Technologies

No ordinary sunwear for no ordinary people: our sun lenses give you no ordinary optical quality...
To combine the pleasure of seeing with the pleasure of being seen.

Discover our Sun Techs!

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