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Dusty pink, seagreen, champagne: in our collection, you will find all the shades that bring out femininity and release your creativity. We have developed a collection of 204 colors: a veritable organized tool, to allow you to associate colors and create thousands of harmonies, which will offer your customers as many different sensations.
Add color, and the world comes alive.

Thousands of harmonies

A palette of 204 colors, to reinvent feminine fashion.

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Our sun lenses are available in many beautiful and modern colors including: gradient blue lenses, grey lenses, pink lenses, gradient purple lenses, gloss red, multicolor Plasma, multicolor Champagne and multicolor Aquamarina.

No ordinary sun lens colors, to reinvent the pleasure of being seen.

Gradient blue
Gradient purple

Our Women’s Core Collection solutions

You require the best solution for your vision: our experts have designed different packages for you, to suit your needs and desires. Because each experience in the sun is unique, we will help you shape yours... Let us show you the way!

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