From Gloss to Intense effect by Essilor® Sun Solution™

Essilor® Sun Solution™ highlights the from Gloss to Intense color range, the two in one effect with one lens: from a fine touch in a low-light environment to a stronger reflective color in sunlight, to boost your style.

Discover from Gloss to Intense

Lenses equipped with the from Gloss to Intense effect have a colored, reflective coating applied to the lens surface. This effect is available in a rich palette of colors, always with the aim of perfecting your style.

The technology

This effect can be applied to lenses that have photochromic technology E-Sun™ Varia™, which provide the right level of protection when needed: every time, everywhere and in all conditions. Whether on glasses or goggles, this effect does not alter photochromic activation: when light intensity increases, the base color of the lens, slightly tinted, will darken and the mirror effect will be amplified.

Aesthetic appeal

From an aesthetic point of view, from Gloss to Intense brings intensity and shine to your sunglasses. The gloss treatment refines the tone with color reflections. This “glossy” effect can be compared to a finishing touch on a pair of sunglasses, like gloss applied to the lips.



ESSILOR® SUN SOLUTION™ is the new division of ESSILOR specially focused on advanced sun lens technologies.
We serve all our customers of the sunwear industry, for sports, lifestyle or fashion.

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