How to choose your snow goggle this winter?

Above all, proper protection at the right time.

The winter collection offers total protection against the extreme exposure to UV rays in any snowy environment, regardless of the light conditions. Below you will find the level of protection available in our range depending on the time and, thus, the light conditions:

For those who are crazy about racing down the slopes and enjoying a snowy landscape by day, ESSILOR® SUN SOLUTION™ presents the photochromic E-SUN™ VARIA™ solution: shields or lenses which adapt automatically to the weather conditions, from low light and snow to bright glare. When the light intensity decreases, the shield becomes lighter to adapt to the environment, and then becomes darker again when the intensity increases. This effectively protects the wearer while offering better comfort.

For those who are passionate about winter sports but like to enjoy the sensation of the slopes as well as the colors of the environment, E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ is the perfect choice. This range is developed to offer maximum color contrast to improve depth perception and increase visual acuity in order to obtain a visual experience like never before. The color palette is based on the sensitivity of the wearer: brown for optimal protection against blue light, tinted for a natural view of colors, and vermilion for better perception of reliefs. 

For followers of fashion, the matching of goggle color to the helmet and snowboard is just as important as the sensation on the slopes. The proposal is a wide range of mirror lenses from E-SUN™ MAGICOAT™. From flamboyant dark red to glacier light blue, it will be easy to find the right mix with the photochromic E-SUN™ VARIA™ technology or color enhancement from E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™. 

The result is a selection of high-quality No ordinary sun lenses and shields for winter, to enjoy sport and the colors of life at their very best! 


ESSILOR® SUN SOLUTION™ is the new division of ESSILOR specially focused on advanced sun lens technologies.
We serve all our customers of the sunwear industry, for sports, lifestyle or fashion.

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