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Sun Rx-able solutions for prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses for sports, active people are possible thanks to Essilor Sun Solution Rx blanks range.
Why choose prescription sunglasses rather than contact lenses? Essilor Sun Solution provides answers to glasses wearers and presents all the advantages of wearing prescription sunglasses. Visual acuity , UV protection , light intensity protection , comfort and style , these are the 5 main requirements of people with visual correction who enjoy the outdoors. From winter to summer, from sunrise to...Read more
mirror coatings
To shine or not to shine, that is the question! Starting at the beginning: what is a mirror coating on sunglasses? What is it for? A mirror coating is a thin metallic layer on either the outside of the lens or the inside of the lens. This article focuses on the mirror applied on the outside, but if you are interested in inside mirror coatings, take a look at the Light & Color theme of our...Read more
For the last four years, we have been working on sun lenses seasonal collections for fashion sunglasses and even if it means starting from scratch, we always develop new sun lenses colors with the same enthusiasm. Each new collection challenges us to anticipate Fashion trends and to bring you the new lenses you will want for your sunglasses creations. New shades and a new bio-sourced Nylon...Read more
5 reasons POLAR
We could explain how polarizing light behaves, referring to your physics sciences background...but this is not how we want to address this article. Let's focus on what matters: the benefits you can get from our E-SUN™ POLARFUN™ technology. We have found 5 of them trying to be as easy to understand as possible. Have a look: 1) To fight direct glare caused by sunlight in the center of the field of...Read more
We are happy to introduce our fashion SS22 collection. Its genesis began in February 2020, around the time COVID-19 appeared. The times that followed were unknown and uncertain, but they allowed us to reflect on a positive future. Our trends analysis has led us to develop three inspirational themes. Here they are: Generous Essentialism SIMPLICITY. SENSORIALITY. AUTHENTICITY. Quality rather than...Read more
Focus on sun lenses for the mountain bike or for road sunglasses Did you know that beyond its color or category, the shape of the sun lens also contributes to your vision comfort while you are riding? Essilor Sun Solution teams are constantly designing new shapes to improve field of view and eye protection for the athletes, with the aim of contributing to their comfort. Here are some answers to...Read more
That is the question that many athletes ask themselves. Indeed, when it comes to protective equipment, it is important not to compromise. Everyone wants the best. However, what is best for one may not be best for another. It is not a question of taste, and thus of aesthetics, but of needs and features. The first question to ask is, what do you need? Are you more of a sports enthusiast? Or does...Read more
Passionate people can achieve incredible goals! Essilor® Sun Solution™ has decided to support No Ordinary people in their adventures by providing them with No Ordinary sunwear so that they can live their passion to the fullest. Following eleven “No Ordinary” stories by worldwide challengers with incredible goals, taking them to 16 countries, we wanted to know what has changed in their lives and...Read more
Our Winter Collection, designed for mountain lovers, offers protection and comfort in snowy landscapes! Beyond UV and light protection, essential on the snowcapped mountains, our Winter Collection will give you a unique feeling of freedom. E-SUN KOLOR UP: For wearers who want a visual experience like never before! Our Winter Collection is available with E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ technology, for enhancing...Read more
Femininity with attitude is the angle chosen this year by Essilor Sun Solution to create its SS21 collection. Inspired by LATINA JETSETTER femininity, its various facets – natural, sensual, but also ultra-contemporary – have evolved along three themes. Let yourself be inspired and discover the Latina Jetsetter hiding in you. All this work around femininity was conducted with Peclers Paris , the...Read more


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