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Boglarka has always been committed to environmental protection. In June 2019, she went on an assignment in the Arctic to study its ecosystem and to raise awareness about climate change. She was accepted as a member of the last “2041 ClimateForce Arctic expedition”. The purpose of this expedition was to issue a warning and inform people about the impacts of climate change in the Arctic regions...Read more
Ride across Latin America on a bicycle AND support the creation of a solidarity-based micro-finance system? That was the challenge that Anne and Marie-Eve set themselves as they each devoted their gap year to the project. Solidarity-based microfinance involves providing access to credit to people excluded from the usual, formal financial services. It is a type of credit based on co-financing,...Read more
Essilor® Sun Solution™ highlights the from Gloss to Intense color range, the two in one effect with one lens: from a fine touch in a low-light environment to a stronger reflective color in sunlight, to boost your style. Discover from Gloss to Intense Lenses equipped with the from Gloss to Intense effect have a colored, reflective coating applied to the lens surface. This effect is available in a...Read more
As part of National Sunglasses Day on June 27th, here are some quick tips to help you select your sun lenses whatever your age. UV rays Summer is on the way! It is important to equip yourself correctly to be protected from the dangers of the sun. Summer time is synonymous with sun, ice-creams, rest, holidays, sunbathing and also, alas, exposure to UV rays. Wearing hats and staying in shaded areas...Read more
Olympic skier Jamie Crane Mauzy, nicknamed “Mocrazy”, has always been passionate about skiing. From an early age, her life has followed the rhythm of ski and freestyle ski competitions. She even participated in the X-Games. Unfortunately, during a downhill run in April 2015, she took a fall and slipped into a coma for about ten days. Due to brain injury, she became hemiplegic and could no longer...Read more
Essilor® Sun Solution™ is extremely proud to announce its new partnership with the SCICON brand, leader in high performance bike bags and accessories for riders and active people, for the launch of their first collection of high-end sunglasses. Who is SCICON? Specialized in high-performance sunglasses, bike bags and accessories for cyclists, Italian brand SCICON was created in 1980. “How can...Read more
This year, Essilor® Sun Solution™ wanted join forces with the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile to promote the importance of having suitable sun lenses on the road. Whether you're driving, riding a motorcycle, cycling or even walking, Essilor® Sun Solution™ has developed technologies that are each useful on the road. What is the FIA? The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile was...Read more
A new season means a new collection! The Winter Collection has been specially designed for those who love the mountains and snowy landscapes. ESSILOR ® SUN SOLUTION™ offers lenses and goggles with technology adapted to bright environments, without forgetting the importance of style. Discover the new Winter Collection This new collection protects from UV rays coming from the sun. Indeed, fresh...Read more
Megan ran the TransJeju 50 Trail, a demanding challenge that includes a 56-kilometer race across the Korean island of Jeju. Learn more about her performance here. To take on this challenge, extremely technical equipment was required. To allow Megan to focus on the race, by eliminating factors that could interfere with her vision, Essilor® Sun Solution™ provided her with a pair of PUMA sunglasses...Read more
Last summer, Clara and Christian Dumard set out on an ambitious challenge: to cross the Northwest Passage, without assistance or stopover! The father-daughter duo sailed for three months across the oceans, contending with this passage under extreme weather conditions. A unique expedition in the heart of breathtaking landscapes, along with particularly harsh temperatures (2 to 3° C in the cabin),...Read more


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