From Moscow to Moscou: The Expert’s view

Last year, Dieter took part in an adventure that was both athletic and human, covering nearly 200km/day over 15 days to support a rehabilitation center for children. In fact, departing from Moscow, Russia, headed to Moscou, Belgium, he cycled across 5 other countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands.  First, biking appears as a sport but also as rehab for disabled children. Then, during his challenge, Dieter visited local hospitals and cycling clubs to raise awareness about the importance of sport and road safety. He also collected money for a rehab center for disabled children located in Ghent. 

Find out more about his No Ordinary story.

To take on this challenge, it was necessary to be fully equipped. To allow Dieter to face his challenge in complete safety, Essilor® Sun Solution™ provided him with a pair of appropriate glasses to eliminate factors which could adversely affect his vision. A pair of sunglasses in question were fitted with lenses using SCNXT™ technology. The experts of Essilor® Sun Solution™ explain the technical challenge associated with this feat, during which the lenses performed perfectly. Learn more about the technical aspects and utility of these lenses for this type of challenge...

The opinion of the challenger

This challenge of 3000 kms over 15 days took Dieter over diverse and varied roads which, therefore, forced him to pass through different landscapes and weather conditions specific to each day and each location. In fact, even if most of his trip was on roads that had traffic lights and signs, Dieter also crossed through towns, country sides and tunnels, sometimes in rain or intense sunlight. Under these volatile circumstances, proper sun equipment was essential to achieve this feat in complete safety and within the allotted time

And these were Dieter’s expectations: a pair of high-performance glasses to be able to deal with all weather conditions and all landscapes.
We allow you to hear his opinion about the glasses equipped with SCNXT™ lenses set in frames from our partner: SCICON.

Opinion of the technical expert

Beyond the frame design, essential for the athlete’s comfort during long and intense effort, the choice of lenses is also fundamental for visual protection.

Under these conditions, the E-SUN VARIAphotochromic technology is the most suitable choice: SCNXT™ lenses in SCICON frames react to the light environment to guarantee the right visual protection throughout his journey.

The principle: the lens darkens in case of exposure to strong light, and lightens in case of low intensity light, and completely automatically.  This allowed Dieter to feel more at ease during his effort and to concentrate on the road. In fact, he didn’t need to stop to change lenses in response to environmental conditions.  

Moreover, these curved glasses, which may be worn even in low-level light, become invaluable protective equipment for all cyclists thanks to their protection against wind, rain and dust.

The last important point to be mentioned concerns the material of which these lenses are made: NXT® is the lens without compromise. In fact, it brings together the lightness of plastic with the optical clarity of a mineral substance. The ideal material to help Dieter reach his goal!

A word to sum up this partnership?

We wanted to lend our support to Dieter because his adventure was both human and athletic, and that is perfectly aligned with our values. He pushed himself further to support the children of this rehabilitation center. What an incredible gesture!

We are proud to have been able to play a part in his adventure: Bravo!


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