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Amazing, passionate, No ordinary people achieving their No ordinary goal

No ordinary stories by Essilor® Sun Solution™

Passionate people can achieve incredible goals. Essilor® Sun Solution™ decided to support them in their adventures by providing them with No ordinary sunwear, to let them live their passion to the fullest.

Discover their No ordinary stories below.


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Anne and Marie-Eve
6 000km for microfinance
South America
Jamie Crane Mauzy
Utah Yurt Trip
South Korea
South America
July 2019

Anne and Marie-Eve participated in a conference organized by Micro-Crédit Macro-Action. They decided to help the people of South America. Discover their “No Ordinary” Story.

May 2019

« I have always believed you can make dreams come true… ». Jamie, nicknamed “Mocrazy”, has always been passionate about skiing. Unfortunately, in April 2015, she took a fall during a downhill run and slipped into a coma for about ten days...

South Korea
December 2018

Megan Yeung ran the TransJeju 50 trail, across Hallasan National Park on the Korean island of Jeju.

July 2018

Clara Dumard and her father Christian embarked on a 3-month expedition to put emphasis on climate change.

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