Beaver Trap Trail Classic

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At the start of this unbelievable race, just a breath of wind, a mild temperature: 25 degrees Celsius... below zero. The snow was still abundant. The conditions were perfect. The dogs felt it.

They were impatient like us, on the starting line for our first big race: the Beaver Trap Trail Classic, 130 km, 3 stages and 2 nights in the tent. It was the culmination of a dream: to leave everything - or almost - to come and settle here, 11 km away from the Arctic Circle, in Swedish Lapland, with our Samoyed dogs. These beautiful sled dogs are true athletes and very endearing companions.

This race would not have been possible without the support and expertise of Essilor® Sun Solution™. More than a sponsor, they are indispensable technical partners. Very dry air, polar cold, sunshine: the extreme conditions of this sporting challenge required exceptional optical equipment.

Intense glare, dry eyes, a problem of perception of relief ... so many factors that can lead to fault or serious eye damage. The Essilor® Sun Solution™ experts provided us with the perfect answer: non-corrective, polarizing and photochromic sunglasses in a Julbo frame designed for extreme sports.

Thanks to their innovative technology, we already had a head start.

We look forward to other challenges with our dogs!

Vi his snarts*,

Marie and Régis Bernigaud: Sam Arctic Team


*See you soon!

As a Swedish saying goes: "Den som går i andres fotspår kan aldrig komma först*"

*The one who walks in the footsteps of others can never come first.

Beaver Trap Trail

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