Last August, Dieter, marketing consultant and cycling enthusiast of 33 years old, rode around 200km/day over 15 days to raise awareness about the importance of sport and road safety. This challenge allowed him to collect money for a rehab center located in Ghent, specialized in treating disabled children. Discover his "No Ordinary story"…

 “To be honest, I am not that frightened but I am actually very anxious. I am really looking forward to going ahead with this fantastic adventure”

This was Dieter’s mindset just before his departure.

Dieter has always been passionate about cycling. Ten years ago, when he modestly qualified his level as “decent”, he injured himself during a race and stopped cycling. Today, thanks to his motivation to face this challenge, his perseverance and his willpower, he believed that he had once again found all his sports ability and even confided that “10 years ago, I don’t think I ever did this many kilometers in one week. I think my top performance was a distance of 1 000 kilometers in seven days. Now it’s 3 000 in 15 days”.

So, Dieter dived into this crazy adventure: taking this cycling trip of 15 days, for a good cause, covering an average of 200 kilometers per day, from Russia to Belgium, passing through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. What a performance!

It took Dieter 6 months to organize and prepare for this challenge. Physical preparation was necessary to cover so many kilometers. He needed to work on speed and endurance. 

First of all, food is essential during a physical challenging requiring endurance. So, Dieter consumed energy drinks to avoid deficiencies and cramps, and to be sure of having sufficient nutritional intake for this physical effort lasting 15 days.

Secondly, equipment plays an integral part in this success: clothing, bicycle and eyewear must be suitable to facilitate this sports feat. 

The clothing must be of high quality and made of very light fabric, so as to permit airflow to deal with the very high temperatures. Summer temperatures in Russia can reach 40-45°.

The bicycle has to be light and durable.

The sunglasses were the subject of particular attention. For Dieter, they had to make it possible to see under all circumstances: in a dark situation, such as a tunnel, or in a very bright environment. Curved glasses by SCICON, combining SCNXT™ E-SUN™ VARIA™ technology in photochromic lenses, made it possible to satisfy the requirements of the cyclist: protecting his eyes from the wind, rain and dust, while adjusting automatically to changes in light intensity.

 “I had clear vision, a clear view of the road in all circumstances, so I felt safe for the entire ride”.

Through this challenge, Dieter wants to communicate two messages:

The first one is to draw attention to the importance of sport and road safety on a daily basis. During his trip, he made contact with cycling clubs and visited local hospitals. According to Dieter, regular physical activity and, specifically, cycling, make it possible to stay in shape. But the challenge may prove colossal in Russia where using a bicycle is not a local custom and where very dense road traffic may be particularly dangerous.

The second message that Dieter wants to communicate is to bring attention to one of the pillars of the rehabilitation center: teaching children to find a certain degree of independence by introducing them to suitable sports activities. Each activity presents a new opportunity to set new individual goals and to regain confidence in oneself and one’s physical capabilities. Thus, the funds collected by Dieter will serve to finance the purchase and maintenance of very specific bicycles used for rehabilitation of children at the center. 

During this project, Dieter transformed his years of passion for cycling into something great. He pushed himself further to help each child overcome his or her physical difficulties.

Bravo to him! 

From Moscow to Moscou

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