« I have always believed you can make dreams come true… » 

This is the motto of Jamie Crane Mauzy. Olympic skier, Jamie, nicknamed “Mocrazy”, has always been passionate about skiing. From a young age, her life has followed the rhythm set by competitions. She even participated in the X-Games. Unfortunately, in April 2015, she took a fall during a downhill run and slipped into a coma for about ten days. Following this terrible accident, she was left hemiplegic and was forced to relearn everything, how to walk, talk... The medical prognosis appeared particularly tragic for Jamie: she could no longer ski and was unable to live alone because her wounds seem irreversible and required special care on a daily basis.

« Skiing has been a part of my life since I was a one-year-old. »

Ignoring the low possibility of being able to get back on her skis, Jamie redoubled her efforts. She always thought that nothing was impossible, that all her dreams were achievable. Her recovery is certainly due to her perseverance and unshakeable will. For three years, she worked so hard that she recovered her physical condition beyond the expectations of doctors. That made her want to organize the Utah Yurt Trip, on skis, with her best friends Amy, Kyle and Danny and her companion Reggie, to take advantage of the new freedom that was offered to her after all the suffering.

Before leaving, it was necessary to organize properly this 3-days expedition. First of all, traditional hiking equipment is essential: seal skins, skis, hiking boots, downhill helmet, snow pants, jacket, gloves ... Then, it is also necessary to have effective equipment to protect against avalanches: Jamie’s companion is co-owner of an avalanche safety company, which allowed everybody to obtain adequate materials.

We provided Jamie and her friends with suitable sunglasses to protect their vision, in partnership with Electric. Indeed, sunglasses are essential for snowy landscapes, because the power of the sun is reflected off the white snow and can sometimes blind mountaineers. It is essential to protect the eyes to avoid squinting or blinking and to obtain an optimal view.

« It’s so peaceful to go ski touring… »

Jamie and her friends left for three days to recharge their batteries and enjoy the plenitude of Utah's snow-capped mountains. Ski touring allowed them to take full advantage of the magnificent landscapes in this majestic setting. This expedition was an opportunity for Jamie to be reminded of how lucky she was to be able to get back on her skis after surviving this fall that could have paralyzed her for life ...

« I almost had the magic of skiing taken away from me once, I don’t want it to be taken away from my children. »

Through this challenge, Jamie also wants to sound the alarm. On one hand, pollution is increasing and is very harmful to children's health. On the other hand, because of the advancement of global warming and the human impact, the possibility of skiing could one day be totally compromised.  By leaving for these few days, Jamie wanted to take advantage of the splendor of these landscapes which may well disappear if we don’t begin to take measures. Each of us has the opportunity, on an individual level, to make small gestures for the environment in everyday life, such as participating in recycling, installing solar panels or reducing water consumption.

Jamie is a real fighter. By completing this expedition, she has shown us all that everything is possible. Bravo Jamie!

Utah Yurt Trip

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