NXT® or PC: Which one will suit you best for your outdoor sports activity?

That is the question that many athletes ask themselves.

Indeed, when it comes to protective equipment, it is important not to compromise. Everyone wants the best. However, what is best for one may not be best for another. It is not a question of taste, and thus of aesthetics, but of needs and features.

The first question to ask is, what do you need? Are you more of a sports enthusiast? Or does sports performer fit you better?

We tell you everything about the two main materials dedicated to SPORTS!

Polycarbonate: Thinness and strength!

10% thinner than NXT, this material is the most popular and is suitable for all public, from children to adults and from Plano to Rx. Its first two qualities are its thinness and impact resistance. But it also offers full sun protection with 100% UV and blue light protection. If you like versatility, here you are! Recommended for prescription lenses, it offers a very wide range of corrections, providing lightweight and aesthetics to the wearer.

NXT®: Lightweight and clarity!

The second material is NXT®, 10% lighter than PC. This is our proprietary material, renowned for its lightweight and clarity.  Thanks to its production process, it contains no internal stresses, which allows it to be drilled through; also, combined with a dedicated frame, it can exceed the Z87.1 impact resistance standard.

When performance is a must, this is the No Compromise material!


As you have well understood, we are not talking here about two opponents playing the same game, but about two options to be evaluated according to what you need.

Both are compatible with all our technologies: polarized, photochromic and contrast color, and, of course, with our E-SUN MAGICOAT™mirror coatings range.


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