Our Stock Program’ offer, for more services!

The objective of the Stock Program’? To offer you a wide range of trendy, high-quality and high-tech glasses or sun masks, available from stock* and in smaller quantities.

With reduced minimum order quantities, creators or product managers wishing to launch a sports or fashion capsule collection will satisfy their needs within a trendy and high-tech offer. You will benefit from a reduced delivery time and, thus, increased reactivity in your design process.

With a wide choice of lenses, this Stock Program’ will meet your expectations whether you are in the fashion or sports sector. Whether corrective, in NXT® or Made in France, the lenses proposed in this Stock Program’ are, above all, new creations that respond to the latest color trends and incorporate the best technologies.

The latest innovations

Developed for driving, find our polarizing E-DRIVING KOLOR UP stock lens “Made In France” to experience sun lenses that emphasize the color RED. In a unique grey-pink color, it is recommended for drivers who are highly sensitive to glare caused by snow, rain on the road or by light reflected off a dashboard.

Trendy colors

Find the trendy shades of the 2020 season across the entire E-SUN VARIA fashion line:

  • Pastels and bright colors of the Fulfillment 2020 trend such as pink and yellow
  • THE color of this year: blue
  • More assertive colors such as green, dark or purple from the Pulsion trend.


Technologies that establish the reputation of Essilor Sun Solution

The photochromic technology of NXT® VARIA™ to provide you with the right level of protection when you need it: every time, everywhere, in all conditions.

The Contrast enhancement of E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ to enhance the beauty of colors while maintaining a high level of sun protection.

The Polarizing effect of E-SUN™ POLARFUN™, guaranteed to eliminate glare (reflected light), improve contrast and reduce eyestrain, in addition to offering UV protection and better visual comfort.

Easily recognizable communication

Thanks to easily recognizable monthly communication on the social networks, you will discover the offers of the Stock Program’ over the seasons.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact us via our email address contact@essilor-sunsolution.com for further information.

*while stocks last


ESSILOR® SUN SOLUTION™ is the new division of ESSILOR specially focused on advanced sun lens technologies.
We serve all our customers of the sunwear industry, for sports, lifestyle or fashion.

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