The smart coating that makes the difference!

Thanks to the oleophobic treatment applied to the lens, you can enjoy the sun with clearer vision. Discover why:

Oleophobic treatment has the following features:

  • It allows water / sweat / oil drops to slide off the surface of the lens. In fact, the process makes the surface of the lens more slippery and less-adhesive for dirt and grime
  • It prevents fingerprints and smudges from staining the lens,
  • It improves scratch-resistance of the lens.

With all these characteristics, your field of vision stays clear and maintenance of your sunglasses remains minimal and easy.


What’s important to note is that you can have the oleophobic treatment on both sides of the lens. 

  • Application on the front side is essential when you’re faced with changing weather conditions, such as drizzle when cycling or sea spray when boating. We highly recommend it in combination with a color coating such as Gloss, Brilliant or Intense effect is applied on the lens. It will contribute to keeping your vision sharp, clear and bright. 
  • Application on the inside of the lens is useful for keeping it clean which is especially significant when anti-reflective coating is applied.
  • Without a doubt, the best option is to have it applied on both sides to obtain maximum benefit.

In a nutshell, since the oleophobic treatment repels water, dirt, oil and is scratch-resistant, it’s a major advantage for enjoying your activities in the sun!


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