Sport & Performance

Technical excellence at the service of your passion

Optical performance at the service of your athletic exploits: our Sport & Performance solutions bring you no ordinary quality and visual comfort, adapted to your athletic profile. For each activity, we have composed an explosive custom Sun Technologies cocktail to meet your needs.

Opt for technical excellence to meet your challenges and live your passion fully, free of the constraints of your surroundings. No more reflections, fogging, glare: don’t let the ordinary stop you.

Running sunglasses
Biking & Running

Faster, further: you alone are master of your limits! Take advantage of
unheard-of vision quality to go further and vibrate to the rhythm of your outings, without ever stopping.

Golf sunglasses

Demand technology that is up to your performance: no ordinary vision quality, better visual acuity… Discover our world of precision!

Fishing sunglasses

Lovers of the deep blue sea and aficionados of getaways on lakes and rivers, free yourself of the limitations of glare on the water's surface... See your passion in a whole new light!

Winter sports sunglasses
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Soak up the intense sunlight in the mountains... and get swept away by the pleasures of gliding! Choose tough, technical, high-performance gear. 

Driving sunglasses

Enjoy the pleasure of driving in safety: look to the reliability of a new optical experience, which combines comfort and quality.

Our Sport & Performance Sun-Technologies

Offer yourself equipment that is at the level of your performance:
Our sun lenses combine a concentration of technologies to give you the vision quality that's suited to your activities.

Discover our Sun Tech lenses!

Our lenses have several key features. 
You can discover them all here.

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