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Our Biking & Running solutions are a distillation of technology to the service of your athletic performance. The Essilor® Sun Solution™ photochromic lenses adapt quickly to light as you move. Tough, technical equipment, essential for optimal visual comfort throughout your outing!

More clarity, best sun protection

Quality vision that meets your requirements, to sharpen your perception.

Prescription lenses
Prescription lenses
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Discover a few items from our Precision line: no ordinary sun lens colors, to achieve your goals, every single time.


Our solutions for precision

You require the best solution for your vision: our experts have designed different packages for you, to suit your needs and desires. Because each experience in the sun is unique, we will help you shape yours...  Let us show you the way!


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*We recommend anti-fog for sports with Motion & Precision. However, if you do not want anti-fog, we propose to replace it with anti-reflective treatment, especially for sunglasses without a total wrap-around.

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