The perfect blue for your "baby blues"

When Essilor® Sun Solution™ reinvents the pleasure of fishing and sailing...Our Water solutions offer optimal visual comfort, at sea, on fresh water, or white water. Soak up the intensity of the open sea, lakes, and rivers, without being bothered by glare, fogging, or reflections off the water.

No glare, no smudge, no fog

Unparalleled visual comfort, to boost your pleasure on the water.

Water sports sunglasses
Water sports sunglasses
With E-SUN™ lenses
With ordinary lenses

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Discover a few items from our Water line below.

Fit your sunglasses with blue lenses, mirror, multicolor, gloss blue lenses or even mirror, multicolor, gloss green lenses.

No ordinary sun lens colors, to achieve your goals, for a brand, new experience on the water.

Blue + Gloss blue
Blue + Gloss green

Our Water solutions

You require the best solution for your vision: our experts have designed different packages for you, to suit your needs and desires. Because each experience in the sun is unique, we will help you shape yours...Let us guide you!


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