Spring Summer 2020 Collection

SS20 Fashion Collection

This season, Essilor Sun Solution offers three very different themes: Fulfillment, Pulsions and Zero Complex.
These three collections are represented by colors that are exotic, cool and glimmering, following the trends of the 2020 Spring/Summer season. It is our sincere hope that these sunglass collections, devoted to fashion, will inspire each and every one of you and help you to go further in your creativity.



Fulfillment is an ode to well-being in its purest expression. A colorful invitation to delight in minimalism and achieve mindfulness through life’s simple pleasures. Fulfillment subtly plays with the power of colors and their positive impact…

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To counteract the sterility of contemporary society, Pulsions develops an exuberant universe where reality meets mythology in a dramatic expression. It meets a need to reconnect with our wild sides and give in to our instincts…

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With a desire to deconstruct protocols, Zero Complex reinvents cool by stripping it of dress codes and conventions. It expresses a desire to come back to a genuine and sincere attitude, tinted with humor and derision…

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SS20 Sport Collection

For this new Spring/Summer 2020 season, Essilor Sun Solution wants to demonstrate, once again, that style and performance can go hand in hand, while offering protection and products of the highest possible quality.
Between the metallic colors of the Hardware product line and the Signals product line, inspired by the world of science fiction, Essilor Sun Solution presents its new collection entitled Human Fiction, inspired by multi-cultural and African trends. We hope that this collection inspires each and every one of you to go beyond your limits.



Human Fiction is focused on motor sport with the influence of car tuning. Divided into Signals inspired by outfits and helmets and Hardware which represents all the engine colors...

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