SS20 Fashion collection: the trend of less is more!

The FULFILLMENT trend is an ode to well-being in its purest expression. A colorful invitation to delight in minimalism and achieve mindfulness through life’s simple pleasures. Fulfillment subtly plays with the power of colors and their positive impact on emotions through chromatherapy.

The SMOOTHIE collection from this trend is a fresh boost created using overexposed, delicate pastels, all of which evocative of the carefree spirit of youth, thanks to a sweet color range.

Straw: Reminiscence of a lemon iced tea sipped in the shadow of an alley

Bubble Gum: Sun lens reminiscent of a strawberry chewing gum


ESSILOR® SUN SOLUTION™ is the new division of ESSILOR specially focused on advanced sun lens technologies.
We serve all our customers of the sunwear industry, for sports, lifestyle or fashion.

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