SS21, a collection inspired by Latina Jetsetter femininity

Femininity with attitude is the angle chosen this year by Essilor Sun Solution to create its SS21 collection. Inspired by LATINA JETSETTER femininity, its various facets – natural, sensual, but also ultra-contemporary – have evolved along three themes. Let yourself be inspired and discover the Latina Jetsetter hiding in you.

All this work around femininity was conducted with Peclers Paris, the consulting agency for fashion trends and lifestyles. A fruitful collaboration that has been going on for three years now!


She is natural above all else; she draws her energy from her inner being. The colors offered in natural nuances from lichen green, desert sand and clay bring peace and softness to her soul. Adventurous, she explores all sensations that the earth can give her. Sandy, stony but also chalky or cracked textures, like matter that dries under the sun, the earth is her source of energy. With the CRACKED effect from the SS21 collection, she asserts her innate simplicity.


She is sensual; the gold-plated metal color highlights her solar personality. The diversity of possible effects on this material accentuates all the nuances of her sensuality. Hammered, lustrous, engraved, or brushed, they affirm her personality and make her look both attractive and mysterious. With the BRUSHED effect from the SS21 collection, all her senses are awakened.


The jetsetter in her takes over. She dares to play with POP colors and light sets to assert her ultra-contemporary side. Intense colors, like lasers or neon, featuring a color scheme that varies with the observation conditions, adds a futuristic touch to this femininity. DICHROIC from the SS21 collection brings all the color variations needed to draw attention to such vibrating femininity.


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