Ultimate vision experience

Push the limits of vision/perception

Our Essilor® Sun Solution™ sun lenses are the essential accessory for adventurers seeking sunny experiences. Make each of your experiences magnificent: improve your comfort and vision quality, to live and feel each detail of the world you explore with more intensity...Let your story begin!

Intense vision & sun protection

No ordinary optical quality for more pleasure and intensity during your journeys.

Better vision sunglasses
Better vision sunglasses
With E-SUN™ lenses
With ordinary lenses

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Our sun lenses are available in many beautiful and modern colors. Fit your sunglasses with purple lenses, copper lenses E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™...
No ordinary sun lens colors, to achieve your goals, to reinvent your visual experience.


Copper + Gloss red

Our Ultimate Experience solutions

You require the best solution for your vision: our experts have designed different packages for you, to suit your needs and desires. Because each experience in the sun is unique, we will help you shape yours...  Let us show you the way!

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