Telluric | Powerfully magnetic

Telluric incarnates the fascination for extreme nature. The focus is on the awe-inspiring quasi magical properties of nature. This story's esthetic combines intensity and raw magic. Its colors, materials and decors seem to overflow with an almost supernatural dimension and a rough and graphics neo-tribal spirit charged with mysterious symbolism. It also offers a sublimated image of upcycling.

Intense red

A line that exudes intensity and depth, symbolic colors with mirror, shiny effects inspired by the color codes in sports and performance.

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Deep browns

Earth tones, used with sophisticated effects, or graphic and transparent, for new expressions of black.

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A nighttime turquoise

Intense aqua color.
The classic turquoises are expressed in midnight color tones, deeper, darker.

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Abstract bolts

Maxi zebra inspiration for a new stripe effect, very intense and saturated, with high energy contrasted colors.