TransJeju 50 Trail: The Expert's View

Megan ran the TransJeju 50 Trail, a demanding challenge that includes a 56-kilometer race across the Korean island of Jeju.

Learn more about her performance here.

To take on this challenge, extremely technical equipment was required. To allow Megan to focus on the race, by eliminating factors that could interfere with her vision, Essilor® Sun Solution™ provided her with a pair of PUMA sunglasses with lenses made with E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ technology.

Experts in the Essilor Sun Solution explain the technical challenge confronted during this event, to which the lenses responded perfectly.

What impact can the environment have on vision on a trail like this?

When on a trail, the eyes fall prey to many inconveniences: projection of pebbles, insects, blinding light, wind, etc.

The frames and solar lenses will serve as barriers against these inconveniences, and, of course, against the sun's rays.  Recall that Megan's race took place on an island off South Korea, where the highest point, the Hallasan volcano, reaches 1950m. However, UV rays vary depending on altitude. Thus, it was essential to ensure reliable protection because every 1000 meters, UV rays increase by 10%.

What type of lens is recommended for this kind of sports challenge?

The island offers exceptional panoramic views and we wanted to give Megan the opportunity to take full advantage of them. That's why we proposed the E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ technology for her. In fact, these sun lenses offer better color recognition by increasing contrasts and also act as a color brightener, allowing the wearer to experience colors like never before!

How is E-SUN KOLOR UP™ the perfect technology to improve vision in these conditions?

E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ sun lenses take visual performance and comfort to a higher level. They have a built-in color equalizer, resulting in improved color sensitivity and contrast. These sun lenses reduce the intensity of light without fading color, bringing visual comfort with bright colors.

What is the technical process behind these lenses?

Human eyes have 3 photoreceptors for recognition of Red, Blue and Green (RGB) colors. Sensitivity of the human eye is very high for yellow and green wavelengths, near where the red and green photoreceptors overlap.

By attenuating light in this area and by increasing the chroma of certain key hues, E-SUN ™ KOLOR UP ™ sun lenses act like an equalizer to enhance the perception of colors while reducing overall light to a comfortable level.

Did you work closely with Megan?

Megan is a very easy person to collaborate with: she’s enthusiastic, willing and quick to respond. In fact, we had the opportunity to have numerous discussions with her about her project, her expectations, her training sessions…we sent her the sunglasses in advance so that she could use them during training sessions, try them out and give us her feedback. It was really a no ordinary partnership!

How are the lenses designed and manufactured?

These sun lenses were developed especially for Puma Eyewear, meaning that we worked on the color experience, to make sure that they were aligned with the DNA of the brand. And everyone is proud of the result, what a success!

How can a specific model of frames make a difference?

The frames that make the difference are technical, just like the rest of the equipment used for this kind of race. They must be comfortable and secure, to allow the competitor to stay focused on the objectives. In fact, with each stride, the frames shake with the movements of the body. So, they must be well-positioned on the nose and at the arms, without being too tight on the head. In addition, ventilation is an important aspect because perspiration means foggy lenses.


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