Want to know the Spring-Summer 2022 trends for fashion sunglasses?

For the last four years, we have been working on sun lenses seasonal collections for fashion sunglasses  and even if it means starting from scratch, we always develop new sun lenses colors with the same enthusiasm. Each new collection challenges us to anticipate Fashion trends and to bring you the new lenses you will want for your sunglasses creations. New shades and a new bio-sourced Nylon material will help you emphasize your style and care for the environment. These new lenses trends will suit all your eyewear creations from aviator to cat-eye through rimless shapes, retro or oversized – all wearers will be delighted! They also provide protection from light, sunlight, blue light, UV rays and glare.

Now that you are familiar with the 3 themes of our Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion collection, take a look at how we have translated these trends into sun lenses in the Fashion color-wheel of Spring-Summer 2022: 

Nature In & Out


Nature inspires a triple gradient of water element color tones: greens, blues and browns in combinations. Aqua tones remind us how important it is to protect water, our essential and natural resource.

You can choose the water environment color that best suits you:

  • Green color OEDO ONSEN lenses for immersing in the Zen feeling of Japan’s natural baths.
  • DAHAB HOLE tints, a deep blue color from the dreams of divers worldwide.
  • RIVER GANGES brown hues of the sacred river bathed in for purification.

When water melts into the air.

SS22 moodboard sun lenses nature in and out

Generous Essentialism


Black remains the color of elegance. It is both a color and a chromatic group including the darkest shades. Generous essentialism is a new take on the warmer side of darkness with reddish and purplish black hues. They remind us of the nobility of brown wood and the authenticity of Nature. Brown wood shades are even more beautiful when they protect your eyes from sunlight and especially harmful blue light. The bio-sourced nylon material is made of 39% biomass, plus castor oil.

Make up your color selection from these five wood hues:

  • MAHOGANY: precious and elegant, a bewitching wood with comfortingly reddish warmth,
  • CHESTNUT: crack a chestnut shell and you’ll discover the most appetizing of colors, with bronze tones.
  • OAK: inspired by oak bark, a deep and complex color with a touch of orange.
  • EBONY: suddenly it’s obvious that black is a color. A warm one.
  • WALNUT: the enticingly toasty color of a nut that dried in the sun.
  • IROKO: the wise and fascinating color of a tree that can live for 500 years.
Nature is generous. Wood is essential.

SS22 moodboard sun lenses generous essentialism

Light & Color


Color plays a vitally important role in our daily lifestyle. It is irreplaceable. It is closely linked to our mood. Human beings need color. For the Spring-Summer 2022 trend, there will be a range of pastel gradient colors available in two versions. One is enhanced with a specific shiny mirror coating on the inside of the lens to provide a slight metallic effect. Here is the color lens palette:

  • PINKY and YKNIP BUBBLES: a regressive and trendy pink gradient shade that literally lets you see the world through rose-tinted glasses. 
  • GREENY and YNEERG BUBBLES: a cold green shade that envelops your eyes in a slightly dark charm.
  • BLUISH and HSIULB BUBBLES: the weather will be fine today, tomorrow and the next day, too. The sky will always be blue with these azure glasses.
  • ORANGY and YGNARO BUBBLES: an orange hue that grants vitality to your eyes. Makes sense, it looks like the color of vitamin C.
  • BLUEBERRY and YRREBEULB BUBBLES: a deep blue shade with a touch of red color. So luscious that all eyes will be on yours.
Soap bubbles, so light, so bright, but colorful...

SS22 moodboard sun lenses light and color

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