Winter Collection by Essilor® Sun Solution™

A new season means a new collection! The Winter Collection has been specially designed for those who love the mountains and snowy landscapes. ESSILOR® SUN SOLUTION™ offers lenses and goggles with technology adapted to bright environments, without forgetting the importance of style. 

Discover the new Winter Collection

This new collection protects from UV rays coming from the sun. Indeed, fresh snow is a particularly strong reflector of UV rays as it almost doubles a person’s UV exposure. It also offers unequaled comfort regardless of climatic conditions and the degree of lighting, demonstrating incomparable visual effectiveness. Style is not left behind as Winter Collection is compatible with a wide range of mirror coatings from MAGICOAT™ collection.

The importance of ultraviolet rays

UV rays depend on the time of day, the latitude, the weather and the reflection off the ground. This is especially important when you are in snow-covered landscapes. The lenses of this collection prevent damage to the eye and the risk of being blinded by glare.

For all snow lovers, whether on the ski slopes or for walks in the mountains, Essilor® Sun Solution™ proposes to combine this collection with two technologies: E-Sun™ Varia™ and Kolor Up™.

E-Sun™ Varia™

NXT® Varia™ photochromic lenses offer both freedom and effectiveness. By choosing this technology, your lenses adapt to the degree of natural light, giving you the option of not having to change sunglasses. They are available with the "Gloss to Intense" effect from E-SUN™ MAGICOAT™ for better look.

Kolor Up™

This choice of technology offers an incomparable visual experience, enhancing the beauty and purity of colors. Through Kolor Up™ lenses, colors become more intense, amplifying contrasts and depth of field.  


In developing Winter Collection, Essilor® Sun Solution™ wanted to bring together technological innovation and style, by offering a wide variety of colors. Pink tones for Quartz, blue tones for Glaciers, shades of brown and green for Forest and finally red, inspired by embers, for Flamboyant. All you have to do is choose!

Discover the different trends!


ESSILOR® SUN SOLUTION™ is the new division of ESSILOR specially focused on advanced sun lens technologies.
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