Women’s Empowerment Everest Expedition: The Expert's View

Six Nepalese women ascended Mount Everest to promote women’s empowerment in Nepal and fight against human trafficking. Kanchhi Maya Tamang, who led this expedition, is indeed a returnee herself. Discover their story here.

Such a unique performance required specific equipment: here are some technical details from our experts.


Essilor® Sun Solution™ accompanied the first all-female expedition to reach the summit of Mount Everest. This feat required the best equipment to deal with extreme weather conditions.

Kanchhi Maya Tamang and her team have delivered an impressive sports performance: climbing to the top of the world. This adventure allowed them to put impetus behind a strong message for women's empowerment and gender equality in mountain sports.

During this adventure, these six women braved extreme and unique conditions. In fact, climbing to the roof of the world, and ascending 8848 meters to reach the top, is not easy. Starting at an altitude of 3000 meters, oxygen becomes increasingly rare and air pressure decreases, which put the physical preparation of the climbers to the test.

Moreover, in this type of environment, weather conditions change quickly, and luminosity may also vary frequently. UV rays reflected off the snow cause intense light that’s extremely aggressive for the eyes. Without the proper equipment, this strong luminosity can quickly become dazzling and prevent members of the expedition from achieving their goal.

Although the Nepalese women who led the expedition had grown up in mountainous areas and were accustomed to harsh climatic conditions, intense preparation was still needed to embark on this adventure, as well as very high-quality equipment designed especially for the high mountains.

To allow them to achieve this extraordinary ascent under the best conditions, Essilor® Sun Solution™ provided the climbers with NXT® VARIA ™ sun lenses. These photochromic lenses are equipped with technology that allows them to adapt to surrounding light conditions, to offer optimal vision and protection in all circumstances. NXT® VARIA ™ combines the optical clarity of mineral lenses with the light weight and impact-resistance of organic lenses.

The color of the lens varies depending on brightness, going to a darker shade in case of strong exposure to sunlight. The speed of darkening and lightening of the lens gives it very good reliability in environments with variable light conditions, as is the case in the highest peaks in the world.

In addition, the VARIA ™ WINTER SPORTS line is specifically designed to withstand the lowest temperatures: the material used to make these photochromic lenses is less sensitive to temperature variations. It also offers increased resistance to impacts and sunlight, for enhanced durability and non-stop protection.

NXT® VARIA ™ lenses are available in different levels of sun protection, from category 0 (transmission rate, 86% Tv) to category 3 (11% Tv). Thus, they are particularly recommended for winter sports and activities involving extreme brightness or large variations of light.

This technology ensures excellent optical clarity and optimal visual comfort for athletes, whatever the surrounding conditions, without compromising on style and aesthetics.

JULBO, our partner in this adventure, has provided ski goggles as well as sunglasses with perfect fit. Curved frames that wrap nicely around the face with side shields to provide full protection against UV, blue light, wind, cold and anything that could obstruct vision such as snow.


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